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  • Set Your Marketing Up For Success with a Marketing Foundation

    In his now famous TED Talk, Simon Sinek became known for his simple, yet powerful model that leaders and business owners around the globe now use. In his talk and book, he suggests those who “Start With Why” can inspire others to take action. This is

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  • ‘Tis the Season: Your Guide to Holiday Promotions and Marketing

    The holidays are already around the corner. We say it every November, but “how did this year go by so quickly?” Despite the resolution you may have made in July to start your holiday marketing and promotions, chances are it still crept up on you. If

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  • Details to Success

    The difference between a good esthetician and a great one is the attention paid to the details of the client’s experience. You may not think a client notices whether the sheets are soft or the robe is cozy and maybe if you asked they couldn’t articul

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  • How to Get Your Male Clientele Ready for Movember

    You’ve likely heard of the growing movement called Movember that takes place every year. More than ­­­­one million men (Mo Bros), and now women (Mo Sistas), participate in this global movement, which started in 2003. It encourages men to grow, and wo

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  • SELL is A Four Letter Word

    The word sell, sales, selling conjures up a picture of the proverbial car salesman with plaid polyester pants, a too wide tie and a bad haircut giving you the best deal available that will only last till the end of the day. If this is what you think,

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  • Managing Inventory

    As an educator for Rhonda Allison, I have the opportunity to visit salons all over Southern California and often I visit a practice with multiple lines, ancillary boutique items that have been sitting for some time as revealed by the faded boxes and

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  • Mining for Gold

    As an educator for Rhonda Allison, I often run into business owners, anxious to increase their client base. New clients are an important part of building any business. However, my first question always is, have you mined your current base for its ful

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  • Lets Party!

    “Cocktails anyone?” This is the phrase that starts almost every party. What, you might ask, does that have to do with skin care? Well at Rhonda Allison, we get our party on by mixing and blending serums, correctives and moisturizers to customize our

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