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Professional Skincare | Blog | Rhonda Allison

  • Top 5 Ways for Your Clients to Go Make-Up Free

    The “no makeup movement” began several years ago, but occasionally is brought back into the spotlight in a big way. For instance, when the entire cast of the Today Show and Kathy Lee and Hoda bared it all on air with No Makeup Monday in February. For

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  • Three Steps to Blooming Beautiful Skin this Spring

    We’ve officially entered spring, which means spring-cleaning, rejuvenation and beautiful, bright blooms. I’m not just talking about nature, the same is true for the skin if you know how to properly prep and seed the “garden.” With the inclement weath

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  • A Skin Care Pot of Gold in the Treatment Room

    March is a great time to start thinking about rejuvenation and renewal with spring just around the corner. Before flowers begin to bloom however, there is one lucky leafy green sprouting that we can take a lesson from. Yes, I’m of course referring to

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  • Can Probiotics Boost Skin Health?

    Probiotics have been all the rage in digestive health the last few years. We know they are the “good bacteria” typically found in yogurt that help ward off the bad bacteria, thus fighting illness and disease and supporting good digestion. So it may c

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  • What Oils are Essential in the Treatment Room?

    Essential oils have long been used for medicinal purposes, skin care and aromatherapy. With the benefits they provide it’s no wonder why. But what exactly are essential oils and what do they do? Despite the moniker, they aren’t actually ‘essential’ p

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  • UpLift Your Clients in 2014

    It feels like it was just a few weeks ago I was writing about resolving to becoming your client’s skin care coach for 2013, and now we are a week into the New Year. So how did you do? Were you able to get your clients committed to a skin fitness regi

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  • Details to Success

    The difference between a good esthetician and a great one is the attention paid to the details of the client’s experience. You may not think a client notices whether the sheets are soft or the robe is cozy and maybe if you asked they couldn’t articul

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  • Top Cold Weather Skin Care Ingredients for Glowing Skin

    We’ve certainly been experiencing a blast of extreme cold throughout most parts of the country, especially here in Dallas! Unfortunately, frost and ice are not the only things this climate brings with it. This time of year many combat dry, chapped wi

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