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Professional Skincare | Blog | Rhonda Allison

  • When is it Time...

    When I had my clinic years ago, one of the top questions I often received from clients was, “how do you know when it’s time to change up your skin care regimen?” It’s a common concern as season’s transition, the skin experiences changes or no longer

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  • Self Care - Increases Sales

    "Cobbler's children don't have shoes." Have you ever heard this expression? Basically, it means that when we work hard in our profession, we sometimes forget to take care of those closest to us or more important ourselves. Think about how many years

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  • Intelligent Ingredients on the Day of Love

    Valentine’s Day may be all about pampering and indulgence, but many are also looking for ways to look and feel their best on the day of love. Even if clients are just in to relax, you can still indulge their skin in antioxidants and nutrients using i

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  • Be Your Client’s Skin Coach in 2013

    Another New Year is upon us and chances are many of your clients have set their intentions and made a list of resolutions for 2013. Let’s face it, better skin health may not be at the top of their list (if it’s on it at all), so it’s up to us to talk

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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Grape Seed Oil

    Tis’ the season for dry, irritated, dull skin. When temperatures cool, moisture content in the air decreases, which often means we need to boost the hydration techniques in our skin care regimens. Common sense would tell us to switch to a heavy moist

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  • How to Give Your Clients Glowing Skin This Season

    Is there anything better than the decadent scent of cinnamon, cherry and chocolate in the treatment room this time of year? Add in a relaxing massage, a dash of hot and cold therapy and a pinch of creamy, nourishing hydration, and your clients will b

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  • Peels & Skin Cancer Prevention

    Peels have become one of the premier treatments for anti-aging, pigment reduction, rosacea and acne control, but did you know that new research shows they may also help in the prevention of skin cancer? In a recent study conducted at the Veterans Aff

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  • Boost Moisture with Hydrating Serums

    Beach vacations, exposure to excessive heat and long days spent outside can not only deplete the skin of vital hydration, but also expose it to damaging elements. As the summer months wind down, it’s a good time to think about boosting and replenishi

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