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What’s the Secret to Bright, Youthful Eyes?

The eyes, while one of our most beautiful features, are often a top concern among clients.

From crow’s feet and wrinkles, to puffiness, under-eye bags, dark circles, and crepe-like lids, the eyes reveal a lot –– fatigue, stress, aging, and the list goes on. While the skin surrounding the eyes is more delicate, and certainly comes with its fair share of challenges, it also presents an opportunity for aesthetic professionals to create the most change.

The complexities of eyes

Does the skin around the eyes require special care? In a word, yes. The skin surrounding the eyes is approximately 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, and as such is more delicate and tends to be more sensitive. To effectively treat common challenges that impact the eyes, it requires ingredients and treatments that have been specifically formulated for this area. Let’s explore some of the common challenges that impact this delicate region and how to overcome them.

Aging. There are many contributors to fine lines, wrinkles, and furrows around the eyes. The simple fact that the area experiences more than 10,000 movements a day –– blinking, smiling, squinting –– is enough to wear on even the strongest skin. As the skin ages and loses elasticity, delicate eye tissue thins even more and becomes more susceptible to revealing the visual signs of these movements.

Add in genetics –– predispositions to aging – and how the eyes are cared for (i.e. rubbing, applying and removing makeup, sleeping on unforgiving fabrics, and sun exposure), and it’s no wonder age reveals itself here more so than any other area on the face. With this in mind, topicals that aim to strengthen eye tissue along with light peels that support collagen production, will help to diminish or eliminate lines and wrinkles.

Edema/puffy eyes. This occurs as a result of fluid build up around the eyes. It may be a result of dehydration, excessive sodium intake, lack of sleep, or allergens. Applying ice or a cold compress can reduce the puffiness, as well as ingredients that specifically support swelling.

Dark circles. These are commonly revealed in two types: blue circles and brown circles. The blue is a result of pooling blood that shows up with very thin, fragile skin. Brown circles are darkened pigment more common in thicker skin. Skin strengthening, exfoliating and mild brightening ingredients will help alleviate dark circles. Camouflage and hydration may also be good alternatives for some skin types.

Milia and cholesterol deposits. Milia is a build up of keratin cells that bond together and become trapped under the skin, appearing as small, hard seeds. Certain creams and sun damage are common culprits. Often eliminating the sources is enough to treat this, otherwise milia may be excised with a fine needle or with mild exfoliation.

Cholesterol deposits, also known as Xanthelasma, are quite different. They display as yellow dermal, waxy deposits that form around the upper and lower eyes. This is associated with more serious health issues such as diabetes. In some cases, cauterization may work when the condition is grouped, or collected around the eyes. When in doubt, refer clients to a medical expert and support clients with antioxidants.

An Eye for Powerful Ingredients

To best support the delicate skin around the eyes, turn to light peels and a home care system that delivers hydration, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, gentle exfoliation, and strengthening support. RA’s new Eye line includes ingredients for youthful, radiant eyes, such as:

  • Peptides – these will stimulate fibroblasts, the building blocks of collagen, and signal the skin to produce more collagen. Peptides also reverse the effects of free-radical damage. Find this ingredient in Eye Revitalizer and Peptide 3-N-1 Cream.
  • Retinol – A vitamin A derivative, it provides pro-youth benefits by increasing cell turnover and collagen production, accelerating cellular renewal, and strengthening skin tissue and elasticity. Find this ingredient in Eye & Lip Renew Serum.
  • Sodium hyaluronate (L) – The purest form of hyaluronic acid, it has powerful water-binding properties, detoxifies cells, reverses free radical damage, prevents trans-epidermal water loss, boosts skin elasticity, enhances collagen synthesis, promotes firmer skin tone, and increases hydration. Find this ingredient in our Makeup Remover.
  • L-Lactic acid – an AHA with hydrating and regenerating properties. It reduces wrinkles and corrects pigmentation issues. Find this ingredient in Moisture Eye-Zyme.

Eyes are powerful. As they say, they are the windows to the soul, but the area surrounding the eyes is delicate and requires special care. A mix of treatments and the right home care will help clients reduce puffiness, firm and smooth the skin, and leave the eyes dewy and radiant.

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