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Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of the New Rhonda Allison Website

Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of the New Rhonda Allison Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website. We heard your feedback and what you’d like to see in your online experience, and have incorporated that into this redesign. Our goal with these updates is to create a more seamless experience for you, including making it easier to learn about our products and place orders for your business.

Let’s dive in to explore some of the top changes you’ll see and help you get the most out of the new website:

Getting Started

Your experience on the Rhonda Allison website begins by logging in, which is why that was one of the first pieces we addressed. Previously, you were required to log in every time you visited the site, as well as after an order was placed. But, we’ve eliminated that to make things more convenient and quick for you. Now, once logged in, you will remain logged in as long as you’re using the same computer and until you intentionally log out.

Getting Around the Homepage

Taking into account that everyone has a different purpose for visiting the site, we wanted to find out what some of those primary priorities were, whether it was to learn about continued education opportunities, download protocols or place an order. We gathered feedback, then strategized how to improve our homepage experience. Here’s a few things you’ll find:

  • New rotating promos. Currently RA’s Summer Express Tour is featured, alongside features for Pigmentation Solutions and Acne Remedies. As the seasons and signature concepts change, so too will our rotator content. This ensures you’ll always have fast access to timely and relevant content from RA. Simply click the arrow until you find the subject that strikes your fancy, and then you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to that topic.
  • New featured products. Located under the rotator, you’ll find a new section called Featured Products that highlights select RA products. Currently the focus is on eye care, and showcases four eye care products that you may click on to learn more. This section will continually change to help you get to know our products better.
  • Improved search capabilities. Sometimes you just want to find information quickly on a specific product, ingredient, or topic. With that in mind, we updated the search feature so when you type in a query, it’ll pull up everything ranging from the specific products to blogs that mention that topic. If you’re logged in, you’ll even be able to see the prices without having to go deeper into the site.
  • Enhanced retailer locator. We want to support our partners in any way we can, and now your prospective clients will have a new way to locate you with RA’s updated retailer locator. Website visitors may click the “Find a Retailer” tab in the navigation bar, and then type in their zip code to see a map with highlights of where to find RA retailers in any given area. This map can be navigated by zooming in or out, and the listing to its left includes complete contact information for the business.

The Shopping Experience

We know you are busy running your business, so it’s important we ensure the shopping experience is as fast and seamless as possible. For that reason, we’ve made a few changes based on the feedback we’ve received.

First, we’ve streamlined how you can view product information. Whether you select items from a category or by skin condition, product descriptions are now front and center alongside recommended use so you’ll see key ingredients, skincare advice and insider tips for use to confidently know you’re purchasing exactly which products and sizes your clients need. Additionally, new videos will be rolled out and updated to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Secondly, when you’re logged in you’ll be able to add the number of products to your cart on the same page, while continuing to scroll down to other products without having to flip back to other product pages. This will speed up your order and transaction time so you can purchase what you need and get back to your business.

A website is a labor of love and is always a work in progress, which is why the Rhonda Allison team welcomes your continued feedback and suggestions. Thank you for your input!