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Three Steps to Luscious Summer Skin

As summer approaches most begin to focus on getting their body in shape for swimsuit season, adopting more nutritious diets and increasing workouts. One important element that’s often overlooked however is nutrition and fitness for the skin. This, however, opens a door to educate clients on total body skin care.

Just as you encourage clients to exfoliate and nourish the face, educating them on applying these important steps to the entire body is also essential. A simple regimen using these components will get skin supple, toned, and glowing in time for summer. Below are a few tips you can pass along to your clients.

Essential exfoliation

Exfoliation is absolutely essential. It stimulates the skin and cell turnover, lifts dead cells, and begins the regenerating process. Physical exfoliators like the Nude Therapies Bamboo Scrub uses natural bamboo and pearl extracts to scrub away dead skin cells, refresh and hydrate. Acid exfoliators, like the Ultra Exfole and Peel Cream, blend fruit acids with vitamins and minerals to activate cell renewal and give skin an antioxidant boost. These can be used in tandem or on their own.

Nourishing the body

The skin needs support from nutrients just as our bodies do. Some of the most vital nutrients for healthy skin include, peptides, essential fatty acids, growth factors, and amino acids to name a few. Using a good support system like the Bio Reform 28 or Energizing Peptide Spritz will deliver energy to the cell, activate collagen production, detoxify skin tissues, hydrate, soothe and support the rejuvenation process.

Nourishing the skin cells is so vital, but to allow the nutrients to fully penetrate the skin, the dead cells must first be digested, which is why exfoliation is a quintessential first step.

A few other tips: The Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream is not just for hands. It can be used on the décolleté, neck and arms to super-infuse the skin with vital protective and antioxidant actives to prevent tissue degradation. Finally, a good SPF like the Daytime Defense SPF 30 is an essential part of any daily regimen to protect against damaging UV rays and free radicals, some of the foremost causes of aging.

Spraying with Energizing Peptide Spritz (antioxidants, peptides, and humectants) prior to outdoor activities followed by eZinc Protection Cream is another easy step to insure safe skin care for the body.

Have fun this summer and enjoy the planet with nourishing skin care for the entire body! To preview Nude Therapies click here.