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The Gift of Radiance: Every Clients Wish

The Gift of Radiance: Every Clients Wish

This time of year brings so many opportunities to offer clients some very special treatment. Though the season is filled with merriment and joy, it’s also not without its stresses. On top of it all, there is often a near endless list of parties and gatherings to attend over the course of the month.

Why not offer clients an escape from the bustle? A chance to de-stress and get radiant skin in time for the holiday party season. Using the flavors of the season, you can give your clients a bit of holiday decadence, and indulge the skin and the senses…without the calories.

The following is a glance at two treatments clients will fall in love with this season.

Unwrap & Glow

The Unwrap & Glow is a progressive peel designed to deliver glowing, pro-youth results without the downtime. It features the limited edition Cherry Cleanser, a triple pre-peel and the illuminating Hibiscus Peel.

The facial starts with two-step preparation using the Foaming Peptide Cleanser and the holiday Cherry Cleanser, which will polish the skin and envelop the senses in the tantalizing scent of ripe cherries. Following the prep, a three-step process using the Cell Conditioner, Liquid Enzyme Peel and Melanin Suppressant Solution will start the rejuvenation process and pave the way for the Hibiscus Peel that follows.

To further support the brightening and illuminating properties of the step prior, the Hibiscus Peel will leave the skin radiant, hydrated and rejuvenated. To finish, you might offer clients some seasonal tea such as peppermint or cardamom.

Gift of Radiance

This delicious treatment is sure to become a winter favorite. It offers relaxation, soothing support, and hot and cold therapy sensations, and will leave the skin absolutely radiant.

The treatment begins with the tantalizing Cherry Cleanser which provides a deep cleanse while simultaneously polishing the skin. During the glimmering enzyme polish step, the Liquid Enzyme Peel and Skin Brightening Enzyme will brighten the skin, soften and digest cells, and aid in the suppression of melanin.

The next step will melt away the stress as your client slips into deep relaxation. Start with the Mandelic Arginine Peel gently massaged into the skin to start the gentle rejuvenation and cellular repair. This will be followed by a blend of the Pumpkin E Serum and Grape Seed Hydrating Serum, which may be massaged into the face, neck and décolleté.

To awaken the senses following the relaxing massage, whip together the Grape Seed Parfait Mask and Chocolate Antioxidant Mask. These will deliver hydration and a potent dose of antioxidants to the skin. At this point the cold and hot therapy come in with chilled ice globes gently rolled over the skin, followed by a hot compress wrapped around the face and neck. Finish with the Cucumber Spritz, Pro Youth -10 Peptide Mito-Protect and RA Illumicolour Natural Mineral Crème to send clients off with hydrated, radiant, and glowing skin.

Now you’ll just have to find someone to give you the Gift of Radiance! It’s a truly indulgent experience.

What are your favorite aromas to introduce to the treatment room this time of year?