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The Case for a Retail Sales Strategy (Pt 2): Shifting Your Mindset

The Case for a Retail Sales Strategy (Pt 2): Shifting Your Mindset

As we touched on in our previous post, developing a game plan for your retail sales can help you boost your revenues, deepen client loyalty and even improve your clients’ results by using the products you’ve chosen specifically for them. The benefits are clear, but even so, it can be tough to implement if you have a negative perception of selling.

Aestheticians are caregivers and nurturers by nature. Many of us did not get into this profession with a strong desire to sell. We got into it because we have a deep-rooted passion to help others feel and look their best. Part of helping them achieve optimum skin health is ensuring they’re continuing with the proper care at home to support the work you’re doing in the treatment room. And much in the same way patients expect a medical doctor to prescribe a course of homecare to keep them healthy or overcome an illness, your clients are wanting guidance from you on choosing the best products for their needs.

Shifting your mindset from selling to supporting

If you’re still struggling with the idea of selling retail, it can help to look at what subconscious beliefs might be causing the hesitation. It’s common to worry that clients will think you’re just trying to squeeze more money out of them. But is that the reality? When you approach product suggestions with their best interest at heart, they recognize it. Keep in mind, too, they came to you for a reason. They value your expertise and for you to guide them to achieve results.

When you suggest home care, you truly are providing an extension of your service. You’re giving them options to help further their skin health beyond the treatment room. Simple as that. When it comes from a place of caring for your clients, they’ll feel it and appreciate it.

Think about it this way: when they come in for their first visit, they are expecting a thorough consultation and analysis of their skin, followed by treatment and product recommendations. They came through your doors expecting, and welcoming, this level of service.

A full-service aesthetician provides a complete plan for the client –– one that ensures ongoing improvement and long-term results. Part of that service includes authentically encouraging optimal results by offering them options to incorporate the same high-quality professional ingredients at home. A great mindset for success here is to transfer the truth of what you know to them when it comes to results. We can all agree an everyday regimen is more valuable for the skin than a professional one time a month – communicate this.

Remember, you’re not selling, you’re sharing your product knowledge and expertise to help your clients achieve their goals. Shift your mindset and you’ll be surprised at how easy it becomes!

Question: How do you approach selling with your repeat clients?