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Tapping into Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month

It seems June is all about men. It is Men’s Health Month, Father’s Day is June 19 and June 13-19 is Men’s Health Week!

We already know the male skin care market is a growing industry. Use this month – Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month – to tap into this growing market with special promotions and services, and through education.

Father’s Day

Hopefully you’ve already started implementing your Father’s Day promotions and reminding clients that the REDMethod Man Express Facial and REDMethod Essentials Kit make for great gifts.

For dads new to the idea of skin care the REDMethod Man Express Facial is a good entrée – it’s gentle, yet corrective, and is finished in less than 30 minutes. Men are also particularly drawn to the aroma and tingling sensations (keep in mind men also love scalp, shoulder and arm massages).

Similarly, the REDMethod Essentials Kit, which includes the Blue Agave Wash, Buffed, Stone Powerand EnviroProtect, is also a good way to introduce skin care to hard-working dads and traveling businessmen. The kit is just the essentials – a simplified, and not too overwhelming, approach to skin care.

Consider packaging the facial with the kit as a gift set, or giving the kit away with every facial. You could also expand on the promotion and give the kit for every three Express Facials booked.

Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month presents a unique opportunity to get both men and women on board with men’s skin care. Especially when appealing to men’s overall health and skin’s role in that. Use this month (or Men’s Health Week) to educate clients on the importance of maintaining healthy skin.

Discussing skin protection is, of course, an essential part of overall health. Men have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the U.S. and this is simply because they don’t protect their skin! Enlisting your women clients to get their men onboard with proper skin care is always a great approach, but it doesn’t have to be your only method. A few other ideas to consider:

  • Organizing a mini health fair at your spa with local health educators
  • Choosing a nonprofit dedicated to men’s health (such prostate cancer prevention) and donate a portion of the month’s proceeds from RAW sales to the organization
  • Reaching out to local media with the message of supporting overall health through skin care
  • Partnering with a local trainer, health clinic or dietician to offer “Healthy Dad” gift packages

Don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth. Simply telling clients and giving them the tools to pass the message can fuel the success of your promotion.

Question: How do you market to men for Father’s Day?