Take Time Off the Ticking Clock

Take Time Off the Ticking Clock

Another year is in the books, and a fresh one has begun – full of promise and possibility. As you set new goals and look ahead to how you want to write this coming year’s story, you’re probably thinking about how you can deliver more to your clients.

At the start of the year, many people are focused how they can achieve their personal best. Some may look to be more physically active, others may want to read more or inject more joy in their lives, and many want to figure out how they can turn back the appearance of Father Time on their skin. This is where we, as aesthetic professionals, come in.

This year, help your clients unearth their own fountain of youth.

In the Treatment Room

This treatment is all about infusing the skin with actives that stimulate, repair and rejuvenate. These actives work to firm and tone the skin by triggering the cells to produce more collagen.

The Minus10 Facial begins with deep cleanse using a sumptuous blend of the Foaming Peptide Cleanser and Maui Cleanser. This is followed by the Mandelic Defense Lotion to tone and prepare the skin for the enzyme application – a combination of the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme, Papaya Tangerine Enzyme and Mandelic Arginine Peel. This will stimulate cellular turnover, infuse the skin with antioxidants and provide hydration. The rejuvenation may also be intensified by eliminating the Papaya Tangerine Enzyme.

Following the enzyme, the Hibiscus Peel is applied evenly then massaged into the skin to brighten, heal, hydrate, and further the cell regeneration.

To repair and strengthen the skin, the ChronoPeptide A and Infuse 7 are massaged into the skin, followed by a mask blend of the Milk Mask and Grape Seed Parfait Mask. To finish, the AGE less, Peptide 38, Drop of Essence Hydration Drops, and Sheer Tint Finisher are applied to leave skin absolutely glowing.

Continuing the Care At Home

Be sure to send clients home with the Minus 10 Youthful Skin Collection. If they are serious about erasing 10 years, this system will play an essential role. This potent pro-youth collection takes off right where you left off in the treatment room.

This six-component collection is actually my personal creation for the ultimate home regimen. I’m often asked what I use on my skin, and this was my response. It includes the AGE less Anti-Glycation Serum Enhanced, and ChronoPeptide A. The main benefit of the former is to shield the skin from the damage caused by glycation, tighten up the skin and contribute to a radiant glow. The ChronoPeptide A regenerate cells and delivers 24-hour pro-youth benefits. It’s also highly anti-inflammatory, and promises antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial support.

The Peptide 38 supports the rebuilding of healthy skin with powerful next-generation peptides and potent antioxidants, while the Drop of Essence Hydration Drops furthers the healthy rebuilding with omega 6 fatty acids. The Eye & Lip Renew Serum reduces puffiness, minimizes lines and hydrates the delicate tissue around the eyes and lips. To finish, the new Sheer Tint Finisher, an aloe- and mineral-based day cream, provides natural antioxidants, anti-redness and anti-inflammatory benefits while giving the skin radiance and a hint of color.

Join us in our crusade to turn back the clock ten years! Let’s all get ready to enjoy a year of renewing ourselves (and our clients) – skin, body and soul! Here’s to a happy, healthy and youthful year!

For more information on the Pro Youth Minus 10 visit the page.

Question: How do you plan to inspire clients to not only look more youthful, but also have a more youthful mindset this year?

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