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Remembering Old Lessons, Refreshing Passion and Leveraging Resources

As many of you know I recently returned from Scottsdale, Arizona from my Advanced Aesthetics Cosmeceutical Skin Peel Course, which I will write more on in a later post. During my trip I was reminded of a few things…

The first thing I was reminded of was how much the weather can affect your skin and how important it is to have a dynamic skin care regimen. I went from the snow in Dallas to Arizona’s dry, warm and sunny weather, which was followed by a few rainy, humid and chilly days. Talk about wreaking havoc on the skin. Luckily I had an arsenal of a few good skin care products with me – the weather was no match for my Daytime Defense, Calming Skin Gel and my Growth Factor Serum, which I am never without.

I was also reminded of how much passion so many aestheticians have for this profession. It’s evident through their drive to pursue ongoing education and the work they do every day to advance this amazing profession. I am so grateful and energized by those working to make a difference.

Finally, while we were in Arizona we had an opportunity to put together a news segment with the local Fox affiliate and the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics (SWINA), which is where the course was held. I was reminded of what a great marketing tool this is and how you can integrate this into your own marketing strategy. This particular segment focused on home skin care treatments and the importance of using professional products. Begin to think about how you can pitch this idea and others to your local stations.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Spring cleaning your skin – tips and tools
  • Special Mother’s Day treatments to pamper mom
  • Getting the skin ready for summer
  • Preview a new treatment or signature treatment you offer

Keep in mind:

  • Offer plenty of visuals
  • Fill the background with soothing sights, marketing posters and plenty of product
  • Have a model lined up if needed
  • Create an eye-catching presentation with the products you are using for the demonstration
  • Develop 3 to 4 speaking points to help keep you on track
  • Be prepared
  • Ask the producer beforehand what requirements they have
  • Practice your speaking points
  • Setup at least 30 minutes prior to airtime

To brainstorm more ideas, join us on our Facebook page. It is a wonderful, and supportive, sounding board for ideas. Thank you again to everyone at the course and the entire SWINA team. I’m truly amazed.

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