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Reform the Body this Summer Pt 3

Part Three: Boosting the Effects of Body Treatment Plans

We’re all looking for value and results when searching for new products. This is true whether they are for the face, body or hair, and the list goes on. Of course the quality of the product and treatment is the primary component in determining results, but providing clients with a few tips and tricks can often enhance these.

In the last two posts on “Reforming the Body this Summer” I discussed how to create a body peel and effective home body care systems. In this final installment, I will cover how to help clients boost the effects of body treatment plans you are creating for them.

Enhancing Treatment Plans

As skin care professionals, knowing how to effectively use products sometimes feels like a rudimentary process. It’s important to remember however, most clients welcome guidance on using products. Most of them haven’t undergone formal training in working with skin, so while it may be second nature to us, that is not always the case for them.

On the same token, just as you would prescribe products that target specific issues for the face, you want to do the same with the body. Providing tips for using products will help ensure they are effective and last longer. For instance:

  • Physical exfoliators – most physical exfoliators direct users to use them in the shower, but they are actually more effective when used on dry skin. I recommend applying granular scrubs, like Bamboo Scrub, in the shower to dry skin before the water is turned on. Gently massage it in for several minutes then rinse. Typically water softens the granuals, making them less effective.
  • Acid and enzyme exfoliators – acid and enzyme exfoliators like the Peel Cream and Ultra Exfolemay be used in a variety of capacities, but one excellent use is as elbow, knee and heal softeners. I recommend using them after a warm shower when the skin is softened and pores are more open.
  • Increasing circulation – a energizing peptide-based formulas like the Peptide Spritz are effective at retexturing, toning, and detoxifying and oxygenating the skin and work well for treating cellulite on the thighs.
  • Strengthening and building – cosmeceuticals like epidermal growth factors, peptides, botanical phytochemicals, oleic and linoleic acids, retinols, and vitamins all work to repair skin tissue, hydrate, tone, renew, and reform skin. With that in mind, skin-building formulas can serve as great firming neck and throat creams. The BioReform 28, for instance, may be applied nightly to help tone those areas.
  • Protecting – we all know skin protection is essential and the best way to prevent the signs of aging, but remind clients this applies to all exposed areas. For example, clients worried about the appearance of aging on their hands might carry around a pocket-sized SPF and apply it throughout the day. Protection doesn’t just apply to the face or when spending time near the pool or beach. It’s a must every day. For extra hydration SPF formulas using natural physical blockers like zinc oxide may also be blended with Shea butter or with the Drop of Essence Hydration Drops.

Remember, providing professional guidance will help ensure your clients are achieving the results they want, which will ultimately keep them happy and returning to you. Sharing your insights can also save them from throwing away money on pricey department store formulas that produce little results.

Question: What is your favorite body care tip?