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Reform the Body this Summer Pt 2

Reform the Body this Summer Pt 2

Part Two: Rejuvenating Body Treatments at Home

Many spend hours each week (and some each day) trying to perfect the body, going to the gym, seeking out healthy foods and getting spa treatments. All too often, however, there is one important component that is overlooked – nourishing the body with a home care regimen.

While all of the aforementioned components are important pieces of the puzzle – exercise, nutrient-rich foods, and professional treatments – a good home care system rounds out a complete body rejuvenation program. In the last post I discussed how to create a body peel treatment, which helps correct the skin and prepare it for the nourishing, skin-building ingredients to follow. A home care system will build upon what you do in the treatment room and continue the work between treatments.

Creating a Body Care System

After a body peel, it is essential to continue the care at home with nourishing and skin-building formulas. Ingredients like peptides, epidermal growth factor, hyaluronic acid, organic stem cells, amino acids, and isoflavones, to name a few, will continue the re-youth process.

A good home-care regimen, particularly if treating cellulite, should focus on:

  • Exfoliating and stimulating – physical exfoliators like the Bamboo Scrub, and acid/enzyme exfoliators, like the Peel Cream and Ultra Exfole, will pave the way for other beneficial ingredients to penetrate skin cells.
  • Increasing circulation – an energizing formula containing ingredients like peptides, goji berry and coffee extracts will help retexture and oxygenate the skin.
  • Strengthening and building – cosmeceuticals like epidermal growth factors, peptides, botanical phytochemicals, oleic and linoleic acids, retinols, and vitamins will help repair skin tissue, hydrate, tone, renew, and reform skin. The BioReform 28 contains 28 actives, vitamins and minerals to help insure cellular longevity and promote firm skin.
  • Protecting – skin protection is a must. Use a natural physical block like zinc oxide with an SPF of 30 to limit exposure to damaging free radicals and UV rays. This is particularly important if you are rendering a body peel treatment on a client. Remind clients too that 90 percent of our skin’s aging is a result of over exposure to UV rays.

Lastly, we can’t leave the hands out. Whether hand treatments are part of your treatment room service or not, aging and dry hands is a common problem, and chances are clients will be looking for a solution. Turn to shea butter to hydrate the skin, daisy flower to help reduce the signs of age spots, and retinyl to rejuvenate.

Supporting the body in between treatments with an effective home-care regimen will significantly change the health and appearance of the skin. Having body systems, products or information on hand will ensure you are equipped to provide solutions for your client’s needs.

Stay tuned for part three of this series.

Question: Do you currently have clients on a home body care system? If so, what have you seen produce the best results?