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Pt 2: The Key to Bright, Youthful Eyes

Pt 2: The Key to Bright, Youthful Eyes

In last week’s blog post I wrote about effective ingredients for treating the eyes – those that help brighten, tighten and reduce lines. In this post I’ll delve into what can be done in the treatment room and at home to support the delicate skin surrounding the eyes and preserve a youthful appearance.

A couple years ago a Massachusetts-based plastic surgeon and an opthalmology professor at the University of Tennessee led a study on how people gauge fatigue and age in others. The study revealed that most people first look to the eyes when predicting age or how tired someone is. Though the findings were somewhat obvious, it underscores a quest that is perhaps centuries old: how do we maintain youthful looking eyes?

In the Treatment Room

One way is through regular treatments that specifically target the eye region – addressing crow’s feet, dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. Many of our rejuvenating peel treatments will produce results for the eye-region, but for this post I will focus on the Deluxe Eye Treatment and the Baby Boomer Peel.

The Deluxe Eye Treatment, for instance, refreshes, tightens, reduces puffiness and inflammation, and helps reduce fine lines. When treating the eyes exfoliation, cell regeneration and hydration are essential. In this treatment, the papaya and pineapple in the Derma Peel gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and polished, while a velvety blend of the Eye & Lip Repair Serum and Drop of Essence Hydration Drops provide nourishment and hydration.

The mask – a blend of the Moisture EyeZyme Treatment, Natural Lift Masque and Natural Youth Lotion – gives the muscles around the eye a workout, instantly tightening sagging skin while rehydrating. The AHAs and retinyl palmitate in the Activator also work to smooth and promote healthy collagen synthesis. Chilled, refreshing Ice Globes may also be gently rolled over the mask to reduce puffiness. The treatment finishes with the moisturizing and peptide-rich Eye Revitalizer, leaving eyes feeling fresh, cool and taut. This treatment can also be done following a peeling treatment, in combination with another treatment or on its own in the spa or at home.

While the Baby Boomer Peel is useful for the entire face, since it was specifically designed to reduce the overall signs of aging it is also extremely beneficial as an eye treatment. The combination of the lactic acid, salicylic and retinol in this treatment not only induces exfoliation, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, it also stimulates collagen production, oxygenates and supports cellular moisture barrier. After the treatment, fine lines will be diminished and eye tissue is softer, hydrated, and more toned and firmed.

Maintaining Bright Eyes at Home

A daily regimen must consist of sunscreen, a good moisturizer and a skin-building peptide formula in the morning. If clients wear make-up, encourage them to use the Make Up Remover at night, and their favorite cleanser for the rest of the face. Remember, this region needs special care.

Along with the Deluxe Eye Treatment, there are several other options clients have when it comes to corrective home care. Adding a drop of Synergy A to the Eye and Lip Renew serum will stimulate cell regeneration while the C Peptide Complex, which blends the collagen-strengthening properties of the ascorbic acid and powerful peptides, will strengthen and rebuild the skin. The powerful Synthe ‘6, a next-generation peptide, found in Peptide 38 will also work to smooth wrinkles by rebuilding the skin from the inside.

For a quick perk-me-up for tired eyes they can dab a small amount of the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme mixed in Moisture EyeZyme Treatment around the eyes. Leave this on for five to ten minutes, thoroughly rinse and finish with a cocktail of Eye & Lip Renew Serum, Drop of Essence and the Peptide 3-N-1 Eye Cream. Eyes will feel moist, bright and taut.

Of course always encourage clients to get a good amount of sleep, follow proper nutrition and avoid smoking. This in addition to regular spa treatments and at-home care will help clients reverse the signs of aging and maintain youthful eyes – and most importantly, always keep people guessing their age!

Question: What eye treatment home regimens have you prescribed for clients? What were the results?