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Melanin Lift Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Melanin Lift Peel for Hyperpigmentation

A few weeks ago it was my girlfriend’s 60th birthday and she wanted to do something to revitalize her skin. After consulting with her and finding out what her primary concerns were, sun damage and slacking skin, I decided to do the Melanin Lift Peel.

Rhonda Allison Melanin Lift Peel is one of my favorite treatments for older skin. The peel consists of different acids that address specific conditions associated with an aging complexion such as sun damage, dehydration and over all lack luster. TCA or trichloracidic acid improves the overall appearance of skin. It begins the process of lifting hyper-pigmented areas as well as exfoliating dull and damaged layers. It also prepares the skin for better absorption of the AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) There are two AHA’s added to the 15% TCA/AHA and they are 10% L-Lactic which regenerates, hydrates and brightens and then 10% Glycolic which improves the structural integrity of the skin. The final step of this skin rejuvenating peel is a light layer of Vitamin “A” Peel which helps reverse aging skin by re-educating damaged cells, speeding up cell production & assisting in collagen production.

I wanted to share her photos 3 days post peel to show how, often times, the hyper-pigmented areas will look darker before the exfoliation begins and they are sloughed off.. It’s important to reassure your clients that this is a normal occurrence and part of the peeling process and not to be alarmed. Make sure your client is using the Post Peel Kit with hydrators and Growth Factor Serumas directed.

As you can see from my friends’ photo (1 week after peel) everything worked out well and she now has less hyper-pigmentation and a smoother, younger looking and healthier complexion.

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