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Is Your Skin Care Regimen Intelligent?

Is Your Skin Care Regimen Intelligent?

Each year many of us rededicate ourselves to health and fitness. We scour information on eating well, workout regimens and nutrition supplements, and each year we become wiser about health overall. It’s time our skin – our largest organ – starts getting the same attention.

A recent study revealed 31 percent of women in the United States now distrust the claims of anti-aging products and that number is expected to grow. This finding, while it certainly points to the misleading labeling and over-hype by a number of companies, it also points to a lack of information available to consumers about the ingredients and products that are actually efficacious. Where there is a void, there is great opportunity. This year focus on educating about intelligent skin care and the importance of results-driven regimens.

Intelligence: Raising the Bar in Skin Care

Intelligent skin care is the idea of combining time-tested, proven ingredients with scientific advancements to produce higher quality, results-oriented cosmeceutical formulas. Using nature and advances in science we can inhibit the cell’s aging process, reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation, and enhance cell regeneration. Consumers will begin to seek out products using intelligent skin care ingredients, and it’s important to know where to point them.

This year, intelligent skin care ingredients will include organic stem cells, which are extracted from plant and apple stem cells and have the ability to promote longevity in human cells. New-generation peptides, one from Matrixyl, which promises 70 to 100 percent reductions in line formation, and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, which helps smooth wrinkles from the inside will also be used more in formulations.

Time Tested, Skin Approved

Some time-tested, proven skin care ingredients boosted by scientific advances will continue to prove useful this year. These will include Thermus Thermophilus Ferment Extract, the deep-sea microorganism used to fight free radicals; Belides (Daisy Flower), the polyphenol-rich lightener that inhibits excess melanin and lightens the skin surface; and Tetrahydrocucuminoids, a potent antioxidant compound from Turmeric that provides natural UV protection, reduces inflammation, and reduces aging.

Retinol, vital to skin rejuvenation; Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), an essential protein and powerful cell regenerator; and Resveratrol, the potent antioxidant found in red grapes and wine will remain skin care powerhouses as well.

We will also continue to see antioxidant-rich “super fruits” like goji berry, and exotic flowers like Rhodiola Rosea Root and Buddleja Davidii (Butterfly Bush), which protect skin tissues against oxidative stress.

What will become most important however; is making this information more widely available and building consumer awareness of ingredient labels. Educate your clients about the quality of raw ingredients, combinations and levels, and the base of formulas, and how to look for these when they are searching for effective products. This of course, is also as important as mapping out the right skin care system for them.

Question: What are you doing to help educate your client about INTELLIGENT SKIN CARE?