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How to Tap Into the Growing Interest in Cosmetic Procedures

Consumer interest in cosmetic skin procedures is on the rise, according to a recent survey by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS). The interest is not limited to invasive procedures however, it spans across advanced modalities like laser, light and chemical peels, as well as body sculpting and dermal fillers.

This, of course, is great news for aesthetic professionals as there are a number of ways we can support clients who may be considering cosmetic skin procedures. Whether supporting their skin during the healing process, boosting the effects of dermal filler procedures, or offering a non-invasive alternative to body sculpting, you can be an active part of your client’s re-youth revolution.

By the Numbers: Cosmetic Procedure Demand

According to the ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures, 52 percent of the 8,300 respondents said they were considering aesthetic treatments including wrinkle-relaxing injections, skin-tightening procedures or chemical peels.

Among the procedures considered, those surveyed said they were most interested in ultrasound, laser, light, radiofrequency treatments, chemical peels for skin tightening, and improving wrinkles, the appearance of scars and birthmarks. There was also interest in treatments to reduce facial redness and improve tone, as well as body sculpting.

Earlier this year, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) also found demand for facial plastic surgery has increased due to the rise in “selfies” and sharing photos across social networks. The same study also found more men and women are seeking non-surgical cosmetic procedures in an effort to delay facial surgery.

Either way, consumers want to look younger and healthier, and feel more confident, and the skin’s appearance is at the root of this. Aesthetic professionals are well positioned to help consumers achieve their goals.

How to Support Healthy, Youthful Skin

Whether clients are looking for a non-invasive approach, or are considering going under the knife, you can help support them on their re-youth journey. At a glance, here are few ways to support clients:

Boosting the effects of wrinkle-filler procedures:

  • Recovery – certain ingredients actively reduce inflammation and irritation including linoleic and oleic acids, vitamin E, bisabolol, white ginger, and arnica. Help clients reducing bruising and swelling post procedure.
  • Magnify the youthful effects – ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides (palmitoyl pentapeptides, hexapeptides and marine oligopeptides) will help to provide nutrients, detoxify, promote collagen synthesis, stimulate fibroblasts, boost barrier function. This will boost the visual effects of dermal fillers and help create a more smoothed appearance.
  • Dual purpose ingredients - ingredients like epidermal growth factors and deep sea organisms such as alteromonas ferment extract, thermus thermophilus ferment, and pseudoalteromonas ferment aid in wound healing and promote keratinocyte growth for skin regeneration.

For more on this, see our blog post, “ Boost the Effects of Injectable Fillers and Business. ”

Body contouring non-invasively:

Using chemical peels in the treatment room and the right home care prescription, you can help clients who many not want to go under the knife achieve a toned, firmed body. In the treatment room, AHAs and lactic acid (L) will help lift away deeper layers of dead cells, provide antioxidants, and regenerate and hydrate, leaving the skin smooth and polished.

At home, physical exfoliators like bamboo and pearl extracts will scrub away dead cells and refresh the skin. AHA’s may also be incorporated into home care to support tissue repair and exfoliation between treatments. Linoleic and oleic acids, peptides, epidermal growth factors, and antioxidants should also be incorporated to nourish and rebuild the skin.

Fore more on this subject, see “ Body Contouring Minus the Knife. ”

Merging technology with intelligent ingredients:

When technologies such as microdermabrasion, intense pulse light (IPL), laser, LED light therapy, and radiofrequency are combined with high-quality skin care products the results and recovery time are enhanced. For instance:

  • Microdermabrasion - the treatment may be intensified when combined with acids, enzymes and nourishing ingredients such as lactic acid (L), salicylic acid, papain, essential vitamins, and witch hazel.
  • Laser - when enzymes or light peels are applied as pre-treatments, skin brightening and resurfacing may be enhanced. The recovery time is also reduced.
  • LED and microcurrent - light intensifies the skin-nourishing and corrective benefits of certain ingredients, and when used with certain acid formulations, the firming and toning benefits are enhanced. Hyaluronic acids, peptides and tocopherols pair well with this procedure.

For more on this, see the Dermascope article, “ Merging Technology with Intelligent Ingredients. ”

Treatments and home care aside, become a skin care coach for your clients. Find out what their goals are, procedures they are considering, and what their concerns, and help them map out a plan. Chances are they aren’t sure where to turn and will appreciate the guidance.

Question: Are you seeing an increase in cosmetic re-youth procedures? How are you harnessing it?