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How to Create a Great Escape for Clients by Engaging the 5 Senses

We’ve all experienced it…a smell that takes us back to our childhood or the sight of a color or object that instantly makes us feel relaxed. A variety of factors can trigger emotions and thoughts in us, but for this to occur one of our five senses has to be engaged.

This can be an aroma that takes us away to a tranquil place, a color that soothes or energizes us, a taste that reminds us of something special, a sound that takes us to our favorite vacation spot, or a touch that helps us slip into deep relaxation.

By engaging the five senses we can transport clients to another place and create unforgettable experiences.

Indulge the senses: Sight

Think of creative ways to integrate sight, smell, taste, touch and sound into each treatment. This will start from the first touch point – your brand and marketing materials. Attention to detail is key here. Think about what you want your brand to say and what you are all about. When choosing your theme and color scheme, think about the emotions those two components may evoke.

Once you’ve set your color scheme and theme, be sure to integrate them throughout all touch points of your brand. This will include your website, e-newsletters, spa menu, retail display, and of course the décor in your spa, salon or treatment room.


If you have a lobby area or waiting room, choose a neutral and tranquil sound application. You may consider keeping the sound consistent throughout the entire facility, but you may also have some fun with this. Depending on the type of treatment you are giving you might consider tailoring the sound to fit. For instance, if you are giving a Maui Peel treatment, try a selection that features light, melodic bongos and rustling palm trees. There are a variety of beautiful sound applications that can be used – get creative!


This may go without saying, but scent in a spa is an incredibly important component. One thing to think about however is creating a signature scent for your spa. Try incorporating it not only in the entry and treatment rooms, but also the linens and even printed marketing materials. When selecting your scent, keep in mind different aromas evoke a variety of feelings – energizing, calming, tranquility or comforting.


Engaging the taste buds can be as simple as infusing your water or offering sliced fresh fruit or other healthy bites. At the end of the treatment, you might also provide a small drink shooter or little nibble to savor that matches the service you just provided. For example if a chocolate mask was used, give your client a small piece of dark, antioxidant-rich chocolate, or if it was a refreshing treatment provide mint infused water.


Beyond the touch of our hands during a facial treatment, you may also integrate shoulder, neck and scalp massage, or blend sensations like hot and cooled stones, or use a variety of treatment-room tools like smooth Tiger Cowrie shells, bamboo and salt scrubs, or Ice Globes.

Get creative on how you can engage multiple senses at once. For instance, you might combine the aroma of enriched oils with the sensation of heat from lava shells, stones, light steam or wet compresses to not only enhance the experience, but also help with the absorption of the essential oils. You can also do the same with chilled options by gently rolling Ice Globes or cool stones over a mask or oils for an exhilarating sensation and to increase oxygen and blood flow, and tighten pores and skin.

Blending these sensations will reinforce your brand and create an experience your clients won’t soon forget.

What are some of your secrets for engaging the senses?