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New Main Phone Number Now Being Used!

One of the most magnificent things about the Internet is that you can now communicate with people who live vast distances away from you – FOR FREE!

The majority of phone calls we receive are now made from cell phones or internet lines, where the signals are transmitted over satellite for speed and versatility.

RA would like to encourage all our partners who are still calling our toll free number to start using our local number, 817-410-9899. This will support us greatly and avoid wasting funds.

Thank you for your help and support in this matter.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Consumer Spending Shifts from Cosmetics to Skincare

Excerpts from Vogue Business By: Jessica Schiffer 8/18/19

“For years, the US beauty sector boomed as heavily filtered and contoured faces became the de facto look on Instagram… But in North America, at least, the $532 billion global industry is showing signs of stagnation that warrant a re-think on this follow-the-leader approach. L’Oréal missed estimates for its second-quarter sales growth on the back of a downturn in US demand for cosmetics, which account for 50 per cent of the company’s sales. ‘When the cycle is not good for makeup, it’s a headwind for us,’ said L’Oréal Group chief executive Jean-Paul Agon during an earnings call.”

The Skincare Effect

“Beauty customers today have different values than they did at the start of the beauty boom. ‘It’s all about wellness and a proactive skincare regimen that priorities a more natural look,’ says Jane Hali, chief executive of retail investment researchers Jane Hali & Associates. Skincare sales increased 5 per cent to $1.4 billion in the first quarter of 2019, according to NPD. Skincare-adjacent products like setting spray, lip balm and tinted moisturizers, are the only type of cosmetics with growing sales, according to multiple analysts.”

“A behavioral analysis on Clique’s editorial sites found that readers spent nearly twice as much time consuming skincare content as makeup content. A 2019 survey of Clique’s community found that 63 per cent of women see skincare as an investment in their wellness, and 37 per cent of them are wearing less makeup.”

For those clients looking for a more natural skincare option with just a hint of color, Rhonda Allison offers several skin-healthy products that nourish, hydrate and protect yet leave skin with a beautiful, natural glow.

  • Sheer Tint Finisher SPF18 – One of our most popular SPF formulations, this broad spectrum antioxidant cream improves the skin barrier function by reducing trans-epidermal water loss. With a natural mineral base and soothing aloe vera, this unique day cream is the perfect finisher, leaving skin radiant and protected with just a hint of color.
  • Blushed Wine Gel A light, daytime firming cream, this toning moisture gel liquefies and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it a good choice for more oily skin. Giving skin a youthful, iridescent glow, it is also a great choice for post-menopausal skins experiencing hot flashes, providing cooling hydration and superior protection from free radicals due to its high antioxidant content.
  • IllumiColour Natural Mineral Crème – Providing skin a healthy, beautiful glow, this natural mineral creme evens skin tone for a fresh complexion, coverage and ultra-hydrating support to enhance the wellness of skin. With a natural synergy that leaves skin luminous and glowing, it provides an elegant base with antioxidant support, re-youthing benefits and much needed hydration while presenting the perfect balance of cover and color for a flawless finish to any daily skincare regimen.

RA Set to Launch New Branding

RA will soon have a new look. So, what does that mean for your business? For years, Rhonda Allison has provided an expansive line of products to meet every skin need - organizing products into groupings such as correctives or building and strengthening and creating signature concepts each year to bring awareness and education to particular skin needs be it aging, rosacea, acne, pigmentation or compromised barriers. For the retail client, this can often be overwhelming.

RA will soon be introducing 8 specific brands:

Pro Youth Minus 10 || Pigmentation Solutions || Acne Remedies || Rosacea Rescue || CBR || Skin Rehab || Eyes || Reflect

Dividing the line into these brands will simplify training for the aesthetician, making it easier for your staff to recommend retail to your clients while creating a more targeted approach for clients to readily identify products for their skin condition. This also allows us to create innovative marketing tools geared toward specific skin concerns and elegant, elite-looking packaging to match result-driven, active formulations!

How will this impact your business?

Not only will dividing the brands allow you to identify and confirm skin conditions currently being seen in your business, it will also create new opportunities for business growth by identifying un-tapped potential, allowing you and your team to make product recommendations to create synergistic regimens and provide additional education to your clients.

The new branding will also create additional marketing opportunities – create a launch event, selecting specific brands to launch at specific times. Create beautiful new product displays for a fresh approach. There will be new retail brochures for each brand as well as new counter cards, shelf talkers and brand website in addition to workbooks for each brand - retail, facials and peels - for you!

We will also be conducting nationwide RA Exposés where you may learn more about each brand and get one-on-one time with educators. "Walk the Blue" and see what's new. Discover our newest formulation, CBD-infused lip gloss - available now through June, only at our RA Exposés! Our educators and client service team are always here to answer questions. You may also get your questions answered through the RA Educational Facebook Forum and RA Academy site.

Lisa Bonet Reveals Her Favorite RA Products to Promote Cell Turnover – and It’s Two of Our Favorites!

“At 52, Bonet looks better than ever. The Road to Paloma star, who’s married to Jason Momoa, take her skincare “very seriously,” she told New York Times. “I also have really sensitive skin that requires a good amount of care. I’m not one of those people who can go to sleep with their makeup on and wake up and be fine.”

At night, Bonet said that she uses products with active ingredients to encourage cell turnover. “I use a scrub by my facialist Dayle Breault a couple times a week. Or I’ll use Derma Peel by Rhonda Allison,” she said, adding that she alternates between them. “For cleansing, especially in the morning when I’m looking to sweep the dead cells away, I use Dayle’s face soap or Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser.”

To continue reading, click here.

RA Launches New & Improved RA Academy Website

Get ready to elevate your skin intelligence! Rhonda Allison recently launched its new and improved RA Academy Website. We don’t want you to miss the latest and greatest educational webinars and advanced education opportunities.

You will need a separate login to access, so please use the following link to create a new login: https://ra.academy/account/login. If you don’t get a response in your email, be sure to check your junk mailbox, too!!!

Check-out complimentary topic webinars and learn more about seasonal marketing, pro-youth regimens, the difference in retinoids, the value of cleansers and toners, and much, much more. In addition to topic webinars, be sure to explore our advanced classes with our Master Peel Series, Mastering Signature Concepts, and our Elevate Your Skin Intelligence courses! Become the expert you’ve always wanted to be!

Shannon Esau Named Industry Expert

Skin Inc. recently updated its advisory board to include six new spa and skin care professi­onals. The Skin Inc. Advisory Board serves as a sounding board to what is happening in the spa industry. These industry veterans provide Skin Inc. editors with expert input on given topics, contribute their thought leadership through articles and bring that thought leadership to life by presenting at Face & Body events nationwide. The six new additions to the 14-member advisory board include: Lisa Stewart, Shannon Esau, Sherrie Tennessee, Erin Madigan-Fleck, Lisa Jenks and Marion Simms.


We have known for a while that a company going by the name “TheDuchess” has been selling Rhonda Allison products on Amazon. We would like to assure you that this is not a Rhonda Allison account. This is a company that has been buying from on-line sources and re-selling Rhonda Allison products through third-party sources at higher prices.

Under no circumstances does Rhonda Allison allow this type of action. When Rhonda Allison products are sold through any other means than an "authorized" partner, such as Amazon or eBay, these places are considered to be "diverted" and can constitute a high risk to the consumer. Such product may be diluted, expired or counterfeit and may not be safe to use or perform as tested.

We want to assure you, Rhonda Allison makes every effort to monitor these types of sales and have them removed from the internet immediately.Obtaining unauthorized seller’s information may take time and we appreciate any information you can give to us.


1. If you are aware of any companies who sell Rhonda Allison products through unauthorized, third-party sources, please contact us immediately either through the RA Education Forum or directly at info@rhondaallison.com.

2. If you are an on-line Rhonda Allison retailer, please do NOT sell to anyone that goes by the following information:

JACQUELINE NGOMESIA (also given us the name Jackie Empowers and HENRY NGOMESIA)
5605 Glen Lake Ln
ORLANDO, Florida, 32808

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us and speak with an RA Educator, or reach out to us through the RA Educational Forum!