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Rosacea is characterized as an external response on the skin to an internal trigger. There are many theories as to what causes Rosacea but can include factors such as diet, poor circulation, or increased mites on the skin. All can lead to chronic redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead that may disappear and reappear with flare ups. If left untreated, it can cause dilated blood vessels, excess tissue growth, and permeant redness & inflammation.

These skins are sensitive and quickly react to inferior products containing dyes, preservatives, and fragrance. To treat this skin type it’s important to focus on strengthening the skin, reducing redness & inflammation, and providing anti-bacterial support.

The great news about Rosacea is that it can be lessened and kept under control with a diligent regimen. Remember that Rosacea is a skin concern, so even though we recommend looking at internal factors to begin with, you absolutely have to use external products to help. The RA philosophy on Rosacea is your ultimate guide to relief!

Reduce Redness and Cellular Buildup
Eliminate Negative Pathogens
Replenish Barrier Function
Revive Cellular Energy