$5 Flat Rate Shipping on All Orders $500+

We have heard many RA Partners voice their need for us to offer alternative ways to retail products to your clients throughout the years. With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, these voices have become even stronger as many are looking for a way to accommodate clients and bring in revenue. We have a new solution for you, no matter your online presence.


  • Opportunity to retail without the stress of shipping or delivery
  • All product returns and defects are handled by the RA Team!
  • Clients receive Free Shipping on orders $50 or more!
  • Increase sales without having to increase inventory or storage
  • Recommend products you may not always keep in stock
  • Focus on new ways to expand your reach if you are not currently retailing online
  • Reduces the risk of clients purchasing through 3rd Party Retailers
  • Clients email address automatically linked to your account – commissions for life!

How Does This Work?

- Provide your clients your Account Number/Professional Code.

- Clients visit www.raproyouth.com and shop for their favorite products or try new recommendations!

- Upon checkout, clients enter your Account Number/Professional Code

- We receive the order and ship it out within our standard 24-48 business hours

- Professional Code links orders back to you!

- You receive a monthly commission check during the health crisis

- After our industry reopens, you will receive a credit on your account to use towards purchases

How Much Credit Will I Receive?

We have determined we will need to cover the cost of our credit card merchant fees, tax filings, additional packing supplies and the cost of employee time fulfilling the increase in consumer individual orders which amounts to 25% after wholesale costs.

That means you will collect 75% minus the Wholesale Cost.

This is an opportunity for you to generate income, during times like we are experiencing, for those that may online shop - just by giving your clients a number to enter when ordering products!

You will not be responsible for anything else – any returns/product defects will be handled by your RA Team.

Example for Pro Youth Client Order:

- Gentle Peptide Cleanse 120ml - $15

- Antiox 18 Complex 30ml - $17

- ChronoPeptide A 30ml - $50

- Drop of Essence 50ml - $28

Total wholesale = $110

Total retail = $267

Typical profit = $157

$117.75 to be applied to your account = 75% Profit!

What’s Next?

  • Our team will provide you with your Account Number/Professional Code. Simply call 817-410-9899 or email us at info@rhondaallison.com to get set up today.
  • We STRONGLY recommend contacting ALL your clients via phone, text and email, sending them the website address and the Account Number!

We are excited and believe this will help you during this time and in the future!

Stay Strong and Stay Healthy!